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Readers that sync

So, I've been looking at all the e-reading apps out there, and I've settled on Moon+ Reader as the best option, but before I nail that down and buy the paid version, I want to double-check with you guys to make sure I haven't missed some other, better alternatives.

The key features that I absolutely want (all of which Moon+ provides, but -- as far as I could tell -- nothing else did):

1. Ability to work when held left-handed. Cool Reader actually had the best solution for this, with its mappable touch zones, but Moon+'s selection of touch zones provides one that's reasonable.

2. Ability to sync to Calibre's ODPS sharing. FBReader had this with plugins, but was missing on other things. Moon+ does this well natively.

3. Ability to sync read position across devices. Moon+ does this with Dropbox, and it works great. As far as I can tell, other readers don't do this at all? (Other than things like Kindle, which aren't useful for me, as I'm not locking into a vendor-proprietary solution.)

Given my desiderata, any other recommendations for me? Have I missed out on capabilities of Cool Reader (which seems like the app that gets the most love here)?
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