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Kobo Readers and static IPs

Originally Posted by mercy20 View Post
Is/has Kobo come up with a way to allow us to manually set up an ip address in order to connect to wifi? My other half refuses to turn dhcp on at home for our wifi and I can't seem to find any sort of configuration screen on my new kobo glo so that I can get it running on my wifi at home (one of the /major/ reasons I finally decided to upgrade from my gen 1 along with the ability to read at night with the built in lights).

Or am I just reboxing this up and returning it to point of purchase since it absolutely has to have dhcp in order to access wifi?
As far as I know, all Kobo readers are automatically assigned their IP from the router as long as the DHCP Server option is turned on. No Kobo can be set to a specific static IP from the Kobo screen panels. There is simply no network configuration function on Kobo readers. For a successful connection, the router's DHCP Server function has to be turned on. What reason does your wife give for not using DHCP? Sounds like she should turn on DHCP and have on the reserved list whatever static addresses other connected devices might have.
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