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The saga continues

So far, little luck in getting my Kobo Touch to connect to a known network.

Below is a sanitized version of my correspondence with Kobo Cutomer Care:

============ Begin e-mail exchange =====================

Kobo Customer Care:

Here are the results from implementing your suggestions:

MAC filtering: I don't use it. If I did and the Kobo was not registered, then I could not even log in in the first place.

Resetting the router: No effect on Kobo connection/disconnecting

Discussion groups in the D-Link DIR-601: Yes, there are some complaints from customers, but I have never had any wireless connectivity problems with any of my laptops (IBM, Toshiba, ASUS) or tablet (BlackBerry PlayBook).

Connecting to other routers: I have had the opportunity to hook in to various open access points and hotspots near my neighborhood with the following results:

Router Name / Type / 1st log in attempt result / Log in as known network result

datavalet / open / error / error
FishFearMe-guest / open / error / error
grokspots-williams / hotspot / logged in / logged in and disconnected in 5 seconds
HPC54164 / open / error / error
HPD110a.E4D326 / open / error / error
PeachPuppy-guest / hotspot / Connected but stuck on browser / error
perfectwaterloo-guest / hotspot / logged in / logged in and immediately disconnected
Starbucks WiFi / hotspot / logged in / logged in
Tim Hortons WiFi / hotspot / error / error
Waterloo Public WiFi / hotspot / logged in / logged in and immediately disconnected
Laurier WiFi / hotspot / Connected but stuck on browser / Connected but stuck on browser

As you can see, I have not had much luck. Unless I am willing to go exclusively to Starbucks for a connection, I cannot reconnect to many known networks (1 out of 11).

If you think a Kobo Touch exchange is in order, might I suggest we go through the local Chapters store in Waterloo, Ontario and save on courier/postage expenses. Chapters carries the Kobo Touch and is willing to exchange mine. They stated they just needed instructions from you quoting my incident number. An e-mail to me would be sufficient.

(Name deleted)
Waterloo, ON

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Kobo Customer Care
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Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

(Kobo Touch) WI FI not working

Discussion Thread
Response Via Email (Technician name deleted) 10/01/2012 01:13 PM
Hi (Customer name deleted),

I understand your concerns. I wouldn't advise making a purchase like this (a new router) unless we knew 100% it would resolve the problem.

Is it possible that while configuring settings on the router you've activated MAC filtering? Setting these settings to a white list would forbid any device except those you've specifically allowed to connect from maintaining a connection. They would successfully connect and then immediately drop the connection.
More info:

If you have not already done so, pressing the reset button (using a paperclip, etc) for 10 seconds while your router is turned on will reset it back to factory settings and this would disable all security settings including MAC filtering.

At that point if this does not resolve the problem I would like you to try to connect the Kobo to any other WiFi hotspot to see if this is indeed a router problem. You could try it at a family or friend's house, coffee shops etc. Or many smart phones contain the ability to create a mobile hotspot and this would work as well (very little data would be transferred just doing a quick test).

I have also done further research and found the following review. I think you may find the issues addressed by commenters interesting:

If all of these steps do not work, I'd be happy to issue a replacement device as per our standard 1 year warranty to see if this is a device problem.

The Kobo Team

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