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Here goes another shot... I wrote my reply but my browser messed up and I lost everything. Teaches me to copy it before hitting "submit"!

So I bought my Glo today at Chapters. They had the poster up at the ereader table, but no Glo readers actually on display. There were no boxes to be seen anywhere, even behind the cashiers. I waited in line and asked if they had any, requested black, and she went into the back room to get one. I thought that they would be selling them more aggressively, not hidden away in the back room!

Anyway, I took the advice of people on the forums and checked for bad pixels in the store. I played around with the device (loved it right away!) and tried syncing with the wireless internet at Chapters. It started downloading a few books and then I lost the connection.

Having brought it home, I had to try another 3 times to get it to sync completely (it kept losing connection - I might exchange this one, since it had wireless difficulties with the two different networks). Anyway, that's the only negative I have seen so far. I do have about 40 or so books from Kobo that need to be synced. The sync worked in the end, though. Of course, I only really need to sync initially - it downloaded the firmware updates without a problem, so maybe the wireless isn't flaky.

The interface, despite what others in this forum say, is nice and streamlined. I only disliked the Touch interface when they tried selling me books that I didn't want along the bottom third of the screen. The latest Touch interface, which seemed to be about 95% the same as the Glo interface, is a great improvement. Everything is available from the home screen (except for the weird beta things that are more easter eggs such as Sudoku and the really basic browser that I never used anyway).

I normally use Calibre to transfer my books to the reader, but since Glo isn't supported yet, I just chose "save to disk" from within Calibre. This worked perfectly - except I had to go through and remove the book covers in .jpg format, since the Glo sees them as pictures. I think that a simple drag and drop would have worked better, just dragging .epub files onto the device.

The important thing with this one is the screen and glow function. In the store, it seemed that you needed it at 50% or higher to notice much of a glowing effect. At home, in a walk-in closet (the closest to nighttime reading I had at the point), minimum brightness looked fantastic. Maximum actually lit up the whole closet! Very, very bright light... too bright on maximum for night reading. The minimum should be great, though. I will know more tonight!

My screen looks nice and evenly lit, no bright spots or lines. I actually like reading it with minimum to 20% light even during the day in normal lighting conditions. It is remarkable how much this helps normal reading!

Page turns do seem to be quite a bit faster, although I didn't mind the Touch's page turns. The keyboard on this is FAR better than the Touch. The extra CPU speed is noticeable.

So far, having not read for a long time at night, I am very happy with the new reader. I always thought that the Touch was the near-perfect gadget, since it did one thing so well. Hopefully after putting the Glo through some heavy use, it will become my new go-to gadget.
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