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Kindle Paperwhite: Missing Sideloaded Covers?

Probably too soon to ask, but I'm wondering if anyone could help with something. I'm new to the kindle/mobi world and am experiencing a bit of trouble with some missing covers. With some (not all) of my .mobi files, if I move them into the documents folder on the PW via USB cable manually, or have calibre do it, sometimes the covers of these books will be missing (replaced by a generic kindle cover it looks like). If I take the same file and send it to the kindle cloud storage and then tell amazon to send it to my PW it shows up with the cover, but with a white bar labelled "Personal" at the bottom of the book cover--which I can live with, but find a bit annoying.

Anyone have any tips/tricks/suggestions for me to try?

Many thanks in advance for any help!

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