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Post Script: Creating and populating shelves based on calibre tags

Here's my version of a script to create and populate Kobo Shelves (kobo touch firmware v. 2.1.1) based on my calibre tags. Feel free to tweak away to make it useful for you. Should be pretty self-explanatory.

  • Put the script in your "Calibre Library" directory, connect the kobo, and run the script.
  • My Kobo is mounted in /media/KOBOeReader. Change pathToDB if yours isn't.
  • Works for epub and pdf. My files are non-drmed, don't know if drm would pose a problem.
  • My Calibre's set up to store files on the kobo in the format "Author name"/"Title - Author Name.epub", so, for example, Oliver Twist would be stored as "Charles Dickens/Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens.epub". Again, change the script to suit your needs.

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