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the Evernote feature is a big [B]disappointment[/B]

To me the Evernote feature is a big disappointment
a good idea, definatly, but not integrated in the PRS-T2 at all.

1. sending a note to Evernote is only possible when connected to WIFI
(there seems to be no cue)
2. It is not possible to start a new EN-note?
3. It is not possible to sent your handwriting/ notes from the PRS-T2 notepad.
The notes should be connected with a book you are reading.
4. It is not possible (I did not find any possibility) to sent all notes made in a book in one go to EN.

We can wait for a Sony firmware update, but we all now Sony is lousy at this?

If anybody got more out of EN on the PRS-T2, please share your experience.

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