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Originally Posted by TechniSol View Post
Try it out on other networks and see how well it connects -like restaurants, bookstores, libraries, work, tethered phone(how I get my net access), etc. and see what happens. If you can manage to connect to other networks perhaps your router is the problem... Make sure you have the latest router firmware/proper settings and try again. While you're at it you might Google your router brand/model and see if anyone has had similar experiences or found solutions.
Thanks for the suggestions. I do have the latest firmware on my router. There is some more recent hacked firmware out in the wild, but I would rather stick with what was provided by the manufacturer. Tethered phone is out since I don't have a cheap phone plan or a smart phone for that matter. I did try to hook up at the university and did not succeed. It could be because they are using WPA enterprise. I can't tell and there is no info from their techie page that gives that information. I will take my Kobo to Timmies next time I go there since all of them have free Wifi.

All in all, I think I have the best workaround for now. I just have to remember to delete the known network when I am done with the WiFi on my Kobo. That lets me log in directly the next time I activate my Kobo by tapping on the wanted network and typing in the password at whatever app requiring WiFi I activate (synchronise, browse Kobo books, or use the bonus browser).

It would certainly be better if I could log in automatically using known networks.
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