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T1 rooter
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Hi Nabuccoo!

I am not a "linux guy"
me neither! Thats the whole point of me starting this thread, you know

I didnt use Serial/Putty at all. Just MiniTool Partition Wizard. Connect in Recovery Mode. Then start MiniTool. It should show an overview of the partitions.
Does it look like the screenshot in Post #9 of this thread for u?

I guess the partition table is still the same, but the data partition got flashed with a 48mb image such that the file system 'thinks' it has 48mb, but the partition size is still bigger. you can simply reformat the data partition - all file content will be recreated on next boot.
I think uboot is right (DAMN, he ALWAYS is )
I experienced the same. If u reflash rupors root package, it installs the original 48mb /data image of the sony firmware. The reader then does not see the real size of ur reformated partiton.
So, just reformat ur data partition using MiniTool (EXT4).
If the reader doesnt boot up then, read post #20 of this thread (thats how i did it)
use uboots sd-rescue (i think it formats the /data partition before flashing, so it should be the right size) (correct me if i'm wrong here uboot)
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