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About EpubSTAR

What is EpubSTAR?

EPUB is become a popular e-book standard and is open and free for all to implement. EPUB files can be read by MobiPocket, Adobe Digital Editions, FBReader, Stanza, the Sony Reader, and many other readers and applications.

EpubSTAR is a professional epub and mobi creation software for Tablet, SmartPhone and EINK users to make EPUB files, initially created by OXEN(LAO NIU). It offers a convenient way to import DOC/DOCX, TXT or markdown files and create all the necessary components of an EPUB and MOBI file.

Main Features of EpubSTAR:

  • Create professional and pretty ePub and mobi ebooks.
  • Convert Word, plain text and markdown documents quickly to read on new devices.
  1. Well Structured: Full printing books structure, cover, titlepage, introduction, preface, TOC, text, production instructions, copyright page etc.
  2. Standard and Conciseness: Compliance with epub specification, books have no no redundant code,
  3. Wonderful Typography
Simple operation, without any professional knowledge, just three steps, you can create professional and pretty ePub and mobi ebooks.

text, DOC, DOCX, markdown import and epub/mobi format export
  1. Word to EPUB/MOBI: Edit manuscript in Word and take advantage of Word's power and convenience to creat epub and mobi ebooks.
  2. Text to EPUB/MOBI: Conversion from TXT to epub and mobi.
  3. Markdown to EPUB/MOBI: Conversion from markdown to epub and mobi.
Table of Contents

1. Chapter auto split
2. TOC auto generation
3. Chapter auto split

Two Formats
EpubSTAR can output two types of e-book format:
  • EPUB eBook : EPUB2, EPUB3 and EPUB3 ( EPUB2 compliant) three versions of epub ebook.
  • MOBI eBook : Kindle version 6 and version 8 (KF6, KF8) two versions of mobi books.

Multi languages and character sets support
  • Interface regional languages switch (English , German, Spain, Chinese traditional, Chinese Simplified).
  • Multi-language text mixed processing.
  • Multi-language style mixed processing.

Advanced Features
  1. Support links and footnotes
  2. Support recognition of table, floating image (wrapping) , text box (frame), hyperlink function, inline style (HTML code) in word document.
  3. Custom styles: EpubSTAR also supports custom CSS for each style (or the whole style sheet) if required. (std/pro/ult edition)
How to get EpubSTAR?

EpubSTAR is available on FORUM:Installation and Requirement

Installation :Automatically.
Uninstallation:you can uninstall EpubSTAR in Add/Remove Programs in Windows control panel.
l WINDOWS XP/vista/7/8 and later.
l MS WORD (97, 2003,2007,2010,2013 and later) for Word-to-EPUB function.

How to report bugs?
Please report bugs or make comments using the forum (a thread per comment would be good), via private messages to the me(author), or via email to me.

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