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Exclamation Just Evernote experiences & nothing else please!

As a premium EN user who practically lives off of Evernote, the PRS-T2's *real world* experience concerning Evernote usage is something very important to me

Ok guys, so I thought I had been quite patient with product information, release dates, and now even more than two months after release, not nearly enough information can be found surrounding the Evernote experience on this wifi based ereader the PRS-T2 by Sony.

Just a little background, I have a Sony Prs-350 so I'm mostly familiar with the format as well as definitely very well read up on features of the new PRS-T2. I have watched & read every review and much to my dismay no one has given the Evernote feature, the attention I thought it deserves. As I tend to save EN clips of anything interesting I come across during the week but don't have time to read until the weekends or at night via my small glaring iPhone screen, for me the PRS-T2 is a niche product that fits my particular need REALLY WELL!
So I will say once more regarding Evernote experiences...this is ALL I really want to know about and more importantly, your REAL WORLD experiences!

I know enough about the PRS-T2 and the problems it brings and the features it lacks, all I am interested in is other users' experiences of how Evernote has worked out for them.
  1. How fast all notes sync including notebooks (esp if you have several thousand articles & several notebooks) over wifi
  2. How well overall function works and whether there are any glitches in accessing using the EN feature?
  3. Regarding notes captured from the computer, how well are they presented on the PRS-T2.
  4. Are they a joy to read even without the Clearly extension applied?
  5. Are the graphics from clipped pages just bad looking or do they slow down the Evernote feature a lot ?
  6. How easy is it to add passages from a book and sync this up fast & problem free?
  7. Is there any chance to make new notes in Evernote via the onscreen drawing or keyboard, ie not a copy past procedure but typing or writing out a note that is saved as image perhaps?
  8. Account management options and general desktop features. How much do these options mirror using Evernote on the PC...functionality and speed wise?

I do realize these are lot of questions but my patience has run off and were it not for my exams, I'd have bought a PRS-T2 a LONG time ago and made an EN highlight feature for Youtube a long time ago!
No big surprise, the PRS-T2 just doesn't create the kind of first day/week excitement like the iPhone 5 does, as the hundreds of online videos would give testament to regarding the latter.
I've been through 7 PRS-T2 videos at least and NOT ONE covers an actual time set aside to clearly show Evernote usage in action! What is the conspiracy all about lol?.
If anyone would like to be the first to cover what I think is a HUGE feature point and perhaps the only thing worth recommending for this year's release of Sony's ereaders, I think you'd be surprised by the number of views your video would get.

Don't forget to link it here though

And thanks in advance to those who can answer this question!
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