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Device: prs-505
Bricked prs-505 during update

Hi, I've read many of the other threads, here is the problem. During the sony update on a non-hacked prs-505 the unit wouldn't finish restarting and bricked. I called support. Soft reset will make it go back to the starting up screen, but the device will not start. The yellow light starts solid then starts flashing. Hard reset just does nothing. The computer will recognize a flash drive when I connect it and it is on, but I can not do anything to said flash drive (delete or copy stuff to it). The updating software from sony or the flashing tricks will not recognize the device is connected. The ten time restart doesn't work because if I have the usb cable connected it won't turn on at all.

Any help would be great.

Sony of course insists this is all the fault of the device and therefore needs to be replaced at cost to me. I will never buy sony again, but I love my ebook reader and I can't afford to replace it, which is my only option if I can't unbrick.
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