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Actually, the basic wifi functions on the android tablet work fine. Email, browsing etc. (yes it would be somewhat useless if that didn't work).

But unfortunately Calibre Companion isn't the same animal. It's relying on IP address and ports and I suspect that's where the problem is. I am not using static IP addresses (too many devices in the house I'd have to mess with to get everyone set up as static) so the IP address on my PC changes.
Yes, I've checked the IP. I know what the address is. I've gone into Calibre and have set the wireless device connection Ip and port. And I've gone into CC and set the identical values. But when I tell CC to connect it keeps telling me that the IP address is wrong.

I've set and reset these dozens of times and restarted both the PC ap and the droid ap. And every once in a while it connects and works. But 95% of the time it fails. Meanwhile, the tablet has no trouble getting to the internet to check my mail or browse. So I know my wireless router is working.

I uninstalled the CC ap, and reinstalled it and started over again. It finally connected via wifi. But I've done this before. By tomorrow it will have quit working again. That's why I wanted to switch to wired. Then I don't have to deal with IP addresses, ports, wireless etc.
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