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This forum is certainly a treasure trove of information on peoples' experiences with wireless connectivity with the Kobo Touch.

I have finally been able to put specific settings in my router (a D-Link DIR-601 with firmware 1.02na) that allow me to at least make and hold a connection for more than a minute or two. Unfortunately, no information I have run across allows me to reconnect a lost connection. The best that happens is that a connection is established and then immediately dropped with no other warning that a flash of the screen and a return to the Wireless Connection screen (the same as if I had managed to connect except for the flash of the screen).

My Kobo Touch has been updated with the latest widely available firmware version 2.0.0.

What does work for me in order to make a connection is the following:

1. delete all known networks
2. make a connection by clicking on the network access point I want to connect to
3. manually enter the password

If I make a mistake in the password and accidentally try to connect, I then have to go back and delete this new known connection and start over.

Successful wireless settings:

No much really matters except for the following:

Wireless security mode: WPA-personal
WPA mode: WPA2 only
Cipher Type: TKIP
Pre-shared Key: any 12 alpha only character key

This group of settings limits protocol to wireless B and G only.

Changing the protocol to include AES cipher allows a wireless N connection, but I can only hold it for a couple of minutes.

Changing the password to any other length or combination of letters and numbers requires me to enter a hidden password.

If anyone has succeeded in making and holding a connection with any other wireless router settings, please post them here. I would also like to hear from anyone who has been able to reconnect automatically or make a connection from the known networks.

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