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deb27 began at the beginning.
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Thanks chaley, that got me off to a good start.

Here's where I am now:
Installed 0.9.0. Now when I plug in my tablet (to the PC running Windows 7), Calibre recognizes it as a device. And I configured the tablet so that epub is the preferred format because the Aldiko reader on my tablet can read epub.

(Note: this entire thread is assuming there is no DRM on the books I'm talking about)

Now, in Calibre on the PC, I can choose a book and use Send to Device and the book appears in the folder on the tablet that I specified in Calibre Companion (i.e. I went into the book format and locations option in the companion and set the folder for the epub books to be a folder called "ebooks").

Calibre converts my book to epub and sends it to the folder on the tablet. All is good, right?

I can open the Aldiko reader on the tablet and tell it to import the book(s) from that folder. And I can open the book and read it. So far so good.

However, I still don't see any evidence that the Calibre Companion ap has any idea that I've transferred books from my PC. In other words, the companion performs no other function other than letting me choose the folder to which I've downloaded the books.

Is there any way to use the Calibre companion to do anything useful? Perhaps view the list of books in my library? Allow me to choose books from the library (on my PC) and copy them to the tablet? Or show me the books on the tablet that I've already downloaded?

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