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Question Calibre to Android - wired?

I've tried working with Calibre companion on my Android tablet but I've given up. The wireless connection randomly works (mostly not) and it's just too frustrating to continually stop and restart the server, cycle power on my router, set and reset the IP address etc. just to get a book to appear on my tablet. Given that my PC and tablet are in the same house, it would be easier to just plug it in.

So, I plug the table into my PC and the Android file system is now visible in my Windows Explorer window. I can copy files to it from the PC.
The only problem i have is that the ebooks I've copied to the tablet I can't seem to open.

On the tablet, I have Kindle for PC, Aldiko, Calibre Companion, and "My Library" (which came with the tablet). If I try to open a .mobi file the tablet says it has no idea how to open that type of file.

Is there a way, in Calibre on the PC to simply copy, or send the books I'm interested in via the wired connection to the tablet?

I tried "send to device" but I don't see the tablet listed and all of the options that say "Send to xyz" are grayed out. Note: sometimes the options aren't grayed out but Send to main memory sends the books to some unknown location.

i tried connect/share -> Connect to folder but no matter what folder I pick on the tablet it complains about it.

I tried copying the books (using windows explorer) from where they are stored on my PC, directly to a directory on my tablet (i.e. a folder called ebooks). And then in Calibre Companion, under "book formats and folders", I changed the default folder to point to the folder where I had copied the books.
But the companion does not see them.

Note: that when I copied them from the pc I copied the calibre folder which contains .mobi file, the cover.jpg and the metadata.opf file. so therefore, the ebooks folder on the tablet actually contains folders which contain books. Perhaps that level of indirection is an issue?

This doesn't seem like it should be so hard, does it?
All I want to do is copy books to my tablet and read them. I'd rather do it with Calibre because it's the best ebook organizer I've ever found.
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