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Originally Posted by WS64 View Post
I copied your code snippet into Sigil, and it was found by my regex.
I'm sure it was operator error (on my part). I edited it out manually and I'm on to the next book. Here it is again, essentially the same thing but as you can see it's not EXACTLY the same. It exists for the same reason, it is trying to do the same things, it appears in the same place in the book, but the code is slightly different. This is a good example of what I'm up against. Each book has this stuff at the beginning of every chapter but it's never exactly the same code in each book nor is it exactly the same line from chapter to chapter.

<p class="MsoNormal4"><span class="calibre1"><a class="calibre8" href="c:/DOCUME~1/VALUED~1/My%20Documents/My%20Library/Mary%20Balogh%20-%20Stapleton%202%20-%20A%20Precious%20Jewel.html%23contents%23contents"><span class="calibre14"><img alt="Top" border="0" class="calibre15" src="../Images/image002.gif" /></span></a><a class="calibre8" href="c:/DOCUME~1/VALUED~1/My%20Documents/My%20Library/Mary%20Balogh%20-%20Stapleton%202%20-%20A%20Precious%20Jewel.html%23chapter_2%23chapter_2"><span class="calibre14"><img alt="Next" border="0" class="calibre16" src="../Images/image003.gif" /></span></a></span></p>
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