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Lightbulb Quick Mark Request

Hi Kovid,
summer is over and I am back working on my huge library.

I have a request:

I whish to mark a book with a CTRL key+Number combination and then filter only marked files.
Actually I can mark files using the CTRL+F2 and then inseriting the tag but on big libraries it takes too long.

The workflow should be, for example:

Go to the top of the library:

Hit CTRL+1 or CTRL+2.... and then the column is populated with 1 or 2.... (No sorting should be performed)

Move down the next book and then, if needed, hit the "Mark File" combination.

And so on.

The best thing would be having in preference ten combinations associated with a TAG each one. Once you hit a combination the TAG is automatically applied..

Could you please add this ? It is a productivity request.
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