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Field length for first filename too long

I am working through the creation of my first epub file and am at the stage of testing it using

One error I keep getting is this:
Extra field length for first filename must be 0, but was [BIG NUMBER]!

From what I've read, this is because one of the two folders in the .zip archive is getting read before the mimetype file. So... I'm trying to use 7-Zip via the command line, because using 7-Zip that way (probably command 'x') looks likely to be able to preserve the order in which the files & folders were added to the zip archive, i.e. keep mimetype at the top.

However - a whole new problem - I can't get the command prompt to do anything, even after having configured it to open directly in the folder of my choice.

I'm feeling stuck here. There must be a way of getting the mimetype file to get read first - and I would really appreciate it if anyone who's had the same problem could let me know.
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