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Sigil Adding Page Breaks in TOC!

Hi, everyone... I've done several books into Kindle format now with no problems. The "method" I'm using is:

1. Create a "clean" html file manually (yeah, I know - but I'm a programmer at heart!).
2. Import this file into Sigil (I'm on a Mac).
3. Create the chapter breaks, ncx TOC, etc.
4. Open in Calibre and convert to .mobi format.

So far, this has been working fine! However, I have a book I'm working on now that for some reason the "inline" TOC is rendering a page break after each Chapter Heading text when previewing in Kindle, as well as Kindle Previewer. I've checked the .ePub version previewing in Calibre, and it's not doing it there. When I look at the file within Sigil, I can see NOTHING that would be causing this weird "page break" behavior - the preview window in Sigil also shows the text flowing on a single "page" with no breaks. Also, the "ncx TOC" that Sigil generates is displaying just fine.

So I just used "MobiUnpack" on that mobi file to see what had happened to my code. And there it is, plain as day - <mbpagebreak></mbpagebreak> after every Chapter heading in the TOC. The only thing "different" between this particular book and the others I've done is I have the inline TOC set up like:

(h2) - Chapter One (for example).
(h3) - Subtitle for Chapter One (that is NOT hyperlinked - just there for descriptive purposes).

Would this be causing things to get confused?! Is this coming from Sigil or Calibre? And which program is changing all my headers into p tags with font sizes and bolds instead?!! Looks like a big mess

So - what on earth could cause this to happen?! And how do I fix it?!

(BTW, please don't tell me there's no need for an inline TOC!! I realize that - but in certain books, I believe it is helpful, and this is one of them...!)
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