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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
@theducks - you are merciless at times with your acronyms . Explaining what REGEX is by substituting it with "pcre"... lol
You'll get no complaints from me about this! I'm just so very tickled to have such great help!

Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
@MiSuz - ...I have never seen an html file abuse javascript like the example you gave, that is horrible.
I'm pretty sure it's the result of very old LIT file conversions of what used to be the TOC, and perhaps some of the original metadata. These file inevitably have href coding for "Top," "Next," and "Previous" buttons at the start of every chapter. That's pretty typical of old LIT files. Compound that with a run through MSWord and its attempt to make those hrefs point to someone's hard drive in their MyDocuments folder and it makes for heinous soup wrapped around every chapter heading, too.

Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
You might find it handy to install the Open With plugin to most quickly launch Sigil with the tap of a key from calibre for an ePub you want to edit.
SWEET! I may do just that. Thank you!

Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
And as mentioned please do use the latest Sigil 0.5.9 beta version rather than the 0.5.3 version, the beta is infinitely more powerful and light years more stable. We intend to have the next Sigil beta iteration out extremely soon (as in a few days) which should speed some important things up massively and polish some areas to really show off the massive effort gone into the 0.6 release...
As a matter of fact I just installed it and opened an ePub to click around and play while I ignore the documentation I have open on another browser tab. I'll knuckle down with it in a minute and run through the tutorials but I have to tell you that my initial reaction, before I've even seen what it can do, is "Oh yeah! Why did I wait to install this?"

I've also already bookmarked the Sigil forums (especially the sticky thread with helpful expressions!) I'll try not to be too much of a pain over there while I deal with my learning curve.

Originally Posted by Man Eating Duck View Post
Since we're way off topic anyway, I'd like to point you to this thread: There is a discussion of the new features, and you'll pick up some tips that might not have made it to the user guide yet.

And now, back to our regular schedule
Thanks! I've bookmarked it and am sure to be over there after I've gotten my feet wet.

Thanks to you all for allowing me to hijack the thread a bit, but also for giving me some direction and expounding on the plug-ins, too (not entirely off topic!)

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