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Oh my goodness...thank you all so much for all of your information! I noticed yesterday that if you purchase an ebook from amazon for say...$7.99 (in the case of the book i was looking up) the audible book would then be $9.00. And actually I did not go to the Kobo website to see if they even offer audible books. And in all reality, that will be a "just fine" option for me...simply purchase the ebook then purchase, hopefully at a "bundle discount", the audible book for either my phone or mp3.
Again, thank you all so much. and sombreastre, I am going to check out that Librivox as well!

BTW...SolRaven...The Help is one of my favorite nicely written...I just loved it!

{With Kobo, all your sideloaded books are not added to your Kobo account, so they do not sync over your different devices.}
and Mrs.Often...I noticed also with my kobo app on my phone that if I download a "free book" it does not sync with my reader for some reason. My kobo wifi came with 100 classics preloaded as well that does not sync with my library or ultimately my phone app. So when i was reading Jayne Eyre on my reader...I had to download it to my phone app and remember the page i was on. Just a weird quirk i guess. and not a big deal...really.

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