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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
Just so I am sure we are on the same page

I believe the PI will clean Java before the <body> tag, but not after.

BTW This kind Editing (in Code View) with Sigil is easy if you know REGEX
Sigil 6 (now in beta) is really, really
I'll go back and have a look at the code of the ones I've marked for more formatting to make sure the java is before the body tag. Thanks for that! This PI might work, that's good news!

I'm not even sure what the difference between Sigil and REGEX Sigil is. I can pick up tags fairly quickly, and although I generally don't memorize stuff if I can find a cheat sheet I can often muddle my way through. Would the learning curve be significant and would I need more than an old Thinkpad with a 1.6ghz processor and 1.24gig of RAM (winxp sp3)?

I have hundreds, possibly a thousand or more, of books to do and there is no end in sight to new ones coming. Much of what I end up with are old books that started life as scans and have been through many incarnations. I can see LIT, MSWORD, AMBERLIT, PDF in their code history, often all in one book. It's too much for calibre to do automated and I'm pretty sick of trying to edit a line at a time manually in calibre, particularly when it's the excessive garbage code that's causing calibre to not be able to do what it needs to do.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE calibre and sing about it to everyone, but it can't handle a lot of this stuff (or if it can I haven't figured out how yet).

I may try this PI anyway, but if I'm going to end up installing and learning Sigil I may hold off on the PI.

Decisions, decisions.
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