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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
I don't think that (within a paragraphvs body) was the intent of the PI.

I use Sigil (and REGEX) when I need that level of refined cleanup.
Ahhh! I have actually been using calibre for several years and have avoided learning Sigil. I kind of considered it a coup, although after all the MS Word code clean up I've had to do of late I'm thinking my Word RTF work-around was probably a big mistake.

I actually see that stuff at the beginning of the books. Usually between the cover and title page, TOC (usually defunct), or first chapter. I'm thinking that it was placed at the front of the book in whatever conversion process it was previously put through and then calibre or some other conversion process slapped a cover on it in front of that. But that java is always at the beginning of the book, and calibre can never recognize it to clean it off.

Ok. I will mark it for further formatting. Thanks for saving me some time installing a plug in, dealing with a learning curve, and then being frustrated when it didn't work!
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