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Originally Posted by janek View Post
So in fact they give you 2-year warranty even if they don't know about that[/URL].
Hi Janek,
I mentioned the directive myself to communicate that ArtaTech respects 24 months of seller responsibility.

Please read carefully the directive (in English, I do not know what about other languages) and do not mix "warranty" with the seller's "guarantee" directive talks about which is 24 month responsibility for non conformity. Here it is (after Ask Oxford):

"warranty" - • noun: (pl. warranties) 1 a written guarantee promising to repair or replace an article if necessary within a specified period.
"guarantee" - • noun: 1 a formal assurance that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially that a product will be of a specified quality (may also be used as verb: to guarantee)

See the directive, "Scope and definitions" 2 a, that is not about "warranty" and article 6 neither. Nor article 10 you mention.

EU seller must guarantee that goods he sells are and will be for at least 24 months conform with the information he communicates while sells a product (also that it will work and if he did not mention that product has certain hidden defects then the guarantee is that product does not have hidden defects).
And again Onyx warranty is 12 months. This period is stated on the warranty card - no matter from which dealer you got it (check please).

Also if you have opurchased your device from Booxtor - the warranty card will say 12 months, I bet! But he (as we) will guarantee about product quality and conformity with the ofer for 24 months after the sales. Or am I wrong?

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