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Nook Simple Touch Info I Gathered

I've been researching the Nook Simple Touch for my son who dropped his Sony PRS-505 and it died. I've collected various bits and pieces of information about the NST from this forum and thought others considering purchasing the NST might find it useful. I don't own a NST (although when my Sony dies, I plan to). All of this information comes from the forum. I hope this is useful to anyone also researching the NST.

Information gathered about the Nook Simple Touch:

WiFi is required to register the Nook. It seems that the Nook will not work without being registered, however there are instructions for avoiding registration here (the steps must be done before setting up the Nook):
Some users suggest not registering the Nook can cause battery life issues.

Registration requires an e-mail address which isn't actually checked. There is an "erase and de-register" option if you buy a used Nook which resets the registration and deletes books currently on the Nook (but not on the SD card).

You can't delete a book from the Nook using the Nook itself. You have to do it through your PC.

B&N may load sample books to your Nook if you turn on WiFi. There is currently no way to opt out of receiving sample books. Some users turn WiFi off to avoid getting the sample books and sideload books from their PC to the Nook.

Sideloading means plugging the Nook into your PC with a USB cable and either drag and drop the books to the Nook or use Calibre to copy books to the Nook.

Books you purchase from B&N or other sources can be sideloaded if you don't want to use WiFi.

You can download books from your library and sideload them to the Nook.
To read DRM books, you need to authorize your Nook with Adobe Digital Editions. Connect the Nook to your PC while Adobe Digital Editions is active. Adobe Digital Editions will ask you to authorize your Nook.

You will lose the cover image when side-loading ebooks onto the SD card. To keep your cover image, simply use Calibre and convert EPUB to EPUB. Then transfer the file over to your Nook.

It is suggested to navigate to the Home screen before plugging in your Nook to the computer. When finished, eject the Nook before unplugging. This prevents a bug in the Nook forgetting what page you were on.

Some Nooks seem to have an issue where the battery life drops quickly.
If this happens, try updating the firmware.
You can sideload the update to firmware if you don't want to use WiFi.
If battery life is still a problem, let the Nook get below 10% and then charge it.
After recharging from 10%, reboot the Nook. Some users repeat this process.
If this doesn't work, call B&N customer service to arrange for an exchange at a B&N store. I am not sure how long after you purchase the Nook you can do this.

If you update the firmware on the Nook, the bookshelves (organization of books that you set up) may disappear, especially if the books are on the SD card.

To use folders (instead of Collections) on Nook, select My files in the library. You will lose the ability to see covers.

The Nook can read ADE DRM, which is used by Kobo and Sony. B&N uses its own unique DRM and cannot be read on a Sony or a Kobo but Kobo and Sony books can be read on a Nook.

Turning the page by touching the screen cannot be turned off. Some users find pages are accidentally turned while they are holding the Nook and would prefer the Nook had an option for button-only page turning. Rooting the Nook and using CoolReader has been suggested as a solution.


How to add custom fonts using a Calibre plug-in

Hopefully if I've made any mistakes, a NST owner will correct me.

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