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Removing Java - Use Mod ePub Plug-In?

Hello folks! I hope I'm posting this on the right place. I'm trying to clean up a bunch of older books and I'm coming across a lot of defunct java in the books, no doubt from previous conversion. Find/ Replace in calibre's conversion doesn't even recognize the code. Here's an example of what I'm seeing:

<p class="calibre1">Color-- <a href="javascript:BGColor('white')" class="calibre2">-1-</a> <a href="javascript:BGColor('lightgrey')" class="calibre2">-2-</a> <a href="javascript:BGColor('silver')" class="calibre2">-3- </a><a href="javascript:BGColor('beige')" class="calibre2">-4- </a><a href="javascript:BGColor('antiquewhite')" class="calibre2">-5- </a><a href="javascript:BGColor('navajowhite')" class="calibre2">-6-</a> <a href="javascript:BGColor('wheat')" class="calibre2">-7-</a> <a href="javascript:BGColor('burlywood')" class="calibre2">-8- </a><a href="javascript:BGColor('tan')" class="calibre2">-9-  </a></p>
It sure makes the books ugly and serves no purpose, but when I try to copy it for find/ replace calibre doesn't see it. It can find no instance of it, doesn't do anything with it, etc.

As often as I have seen this stuff in books, I'm thinking it's probably addressed somewhere here and I've missed it. I highly doubt I'm the first person to see this.

The reason I'm posting here is because I see that the Modify ePub plug-in here removes java artifacts and I was wondering if this is the right way to handle it. Am I in the right place? My experience with plug ins in calibre is pretty much non-existent.

Thanks for your trouble.

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