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Originally Posted by uboot View Post
data partition is invisible via usb!!! you're talking about the reader partition...

but if the reader partition reverted to 1,4GB, I am afraid that your previous partitioning attempt was not successful, because rooting does not alter partition table....

the meaning of the partitions is documented here in post #37:

that thread should answer all of your questions

No I am talking about data partition too. And yes this is my problem it is invisible. But when I connected my reader in recovery mode with serial consol I could see it and the other partitions too in Diskinternals Linux Reader and MiniTool Partition Wizard too. But now I don't see it. I think I am doing something wrong (it is more than possible that I forgot something to do).

So what I have done now: I rebooted my reader in recovery mode (Home + Menu buttons), connected to the pc. Gadget serial port is already installed so I just looked the ports number in device manager and wrote this in Putty nad opened serial. After that I pressed enter and wrote "root" than enter again.
After this procedure I can see the hiden partitions (system, data, dictionaries etc.) am I right? Or I am doing something wrong? :/ (I am not a "linux guy" but it was so easy at last time... I don't know what is wrong now. )
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