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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
He does not provide any references to "what the people are saying" in that thread either.
I'm sorry for not clarifying where I get those so called "horror stories" from. I assumed it was a common enough problem and there was no need to specify a source.

Again: What people? What are they saying about the "broken screen thing"? Please provide links to such unsubstantiated claims.
It's mostly from Amazon's customer feedback.

In the other thread, members replied with reassurances that screen breakage was not that common -- certainly no more than other ebook readers. Then he forked his other thread to THIS new thread to fork his same discussion with similar ambiguous FUD question. What's up with that?
I'm really sorry, but I live in Asia and claiming warranty isn't as easy or straightforward. Since this was a new model, I just wanted to know how it was like for people before deciding to buy it.

Perhaps when a thread falls off page one of the forum, it is time to start a new version of that "missing" thread?
Again, that wasn't my intention. Thanks to what people said in that thread, I did buy the Sony PRS-T1 for myself. This one is for a friend.

We do not need to ask (and answer) the same question in a separate thread for each model he MIGHT buy. The answers in the other thread already applied to all kindle eink models.
But this is a new model, barely a month old. Yes, I'm aware it's an upgrade but it is still new. If I had decided to buy some other Kindle model, I wouldn't have created this thread.

Originally Posted by Blossom View Post
After checking out the other posts by the OP. It seems they are
shopping around for eReader since May. They probably read some things at the official forums. There is so much misinformation there who knows what they may have read.
I did create a thread in May and thanks to the recommendation of several people, I bought a Sony PRS-T1. I'm thinking of buying the Kindle 4 for a friend's birthday because it's so cheap and I'm rather low on cash at the moment.

Originally Posted by Blossom View Post
They live in Asia so maybe they want something that doesn't have to be returned. I wouldn't expect an answer soon the last thread was from May. Keep in mind English is probably not the OP first language.
Exactly! Thank you for understanding.
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