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Originally Posted by Splicer View Post

I did the same, first put to sleep and then close the cover ..

The cover doesn't have a 'brand' on it, but it has a magnetic closing lid and has a logo that looks like a lasso on the front ..

I tried an tried... couldn't reproduce ( except once when I press on the cover : it went back from page 5 to page 3 ! but you'll have to press firmly, it can be dangerous for the screen )

I have firmware 2.0.0 , I don't find it too slow ( but it's my first reader ) : when I first start the reader, it needs 35 seconds to arrive to the screen with book covers.

The main problem with this version is the pdf : I'm unable to read the user's guide of my Mobile Phone ( 194 pages ) : the pages are cut vertically : one half of page 19 and one half of page 20 on the same screen ! and unable to move from page to page.
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