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sawbuck began at the beginning.
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Thumbs up Now have ru launcher and usable apps...

Guess it is no surprise the installed apps dont automagically appear without a launcher. I installed ru launcher and now have a menu choice between stock nook menu and the rooted nook menu - which also includes the stock menu integrated with the new apps I added. I find it takes a bit of experimenting with whatever I add just to understand what I did. I guess one should not expect detailed esplanations and fail safe step-by-step instructions complete with graphics and laden with comments. Although some videos might still be around on youtube. However, so far it is adequate to get one started and trial and error is a good learning experience.

So far, I've loaded the 0.9 version nook browser and the crosword game. Both seem to work fine now that I have the layuncher and know how to hook them with it . My next task is to install one of the file/library management apps and try to do something useful with it since Ihve many, many epub books and some pdfs also.

That is not to say the nook browser is not useful, it does load quicker than the stock "beta" nook WEB app but looks quite different. Haven't found how to add things like zip codes in the touch screen window yet. Nothing seems to happen when I do but reading news and getting weather is a snap. Haven't tried the media viewing part yet.

I've installed one corssword puzzle (none come with the apps) and it works sort of like the standard nook Sudoku app insofar as entering info and might be an alternative to while away time at the Dr./Dentist waiting room in lieu of feading.

So, while the rest of the world is blasting away with their various Tablets and Ipads (and wanna-bes) I'll continue to explore the rooted eink nook's expanded capability to be more than just a great little least until it gets too boring.

til next time....
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