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Hi everyone!

First of all I want to thank you for everything here, all of you! You did a great job to improve our beloved little T1. Now I want to ask some help.
I repartitioned my reader's internal storage a few months ago. I did it like simengee wrote here. I connected my reader in recovery mode (with home + menu buttons). I managed to install gadget serial (I had to edit th .inf file or something like that... it was some problem what i solved somehow, I can't remember). After that I used PUTTY to enter the serial consol. And after that I can't really remember what I did, but I think after that I could see the ext partition and other stuffs with Diskinternals Linux Reader program and also with MiniTool Partition Wizard 7.1. So I could enlarge the internal storage to 400 mb in the format, move, shrink way without any problem.

It was a few months ago as I said. Now the reader was getting slow and I massed up the reader some other way too not important. I decided to clear everything, reroot, reformat and than do it everything from the begining. So I rooted again my reader with rupor's AMR package. Than I noticed that th phones internal memory is 48 Mb again. :/

I started to repartition it again but I have a problem. Reboot intoo recovery mode. When I connect the reader to the laptop with USB cable I don't need to install gadget serial port, it is already installed. Than connect to the serial consol with PUTTY ok. After that I can't see the ext partitions. I don't know why, what I am doing wrong? Maybe I forgot something? Guys please help me.
(I am useing Win 7 x64 Ultimate if it is important.)
Thanks in advance.
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