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Email to Device - status "unavailable" for a long time

I love the "Email to device" feature and wish to use it to send downloaded newspapers to the Kindle app on my iPad.

However, when testing it, I observed random delays in emailing the document to me. On the status window, the status is shown as "unavailable" for quite a while. In testing the feature, I found that it can vary from 7 secs to 15 mins for the same document. Is there something I can do at my end for this? I use Calibre for Mac and use Automator to launch Calibre early in the morning and quit the application after an hour (since I don't want it permanently running in the background). With random waiting times, I cannot be sure that the document would be emailed before Calibre quits.

Secondly, I find that when I stop the job while it is showing the status as unavailable, Calibre stops the job, but the email still goes through.

Another question - is there something I can do (for instance by editing the recipe) such that when a new issue of the newspaper is sent to my device, it overwrites the old issue? Or some setting by which I keep the last five issues but not more than that? I used a Kindle to read the content in the past and used to connect to Calibre using USB. On that device, the newspapers would be recognized as periodicals by my Kindle, and old issues were archived (and eventually deleted) when new ones were loaded onto the device. Is there anything like that I can do on my iPad Kindle app?
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