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Originally Posted by jojoba View Post
Hi there, I was in exactly your position about a year ago, and I would STRONGLY (and I mean, STRONGLY!) encourage you to go for a tablet. I am sure you can find something second hand that isn't that badly priced relative to the price of a 9" e-reader. In my experience, e-ink is a total drag for the kind of reading you do when you are conducting research. I'm sure there are others out here who disagree with me, but that is my personal opinion.

I use an iPad, annotating research literature with iAnnotate and Sente. The advantages of that in terms of functionality, quick browsing back and forth in a document, multiplicity and speed of annotation tools, and so on, greatly offset the advantages of e-ink display and battery life (I just charge my iPad overnight, sometimes every other night - as long as the battery can last you a full day, you're fine, you don't really need battery life for a whole month).
While I agree with your reasoning, a tablet is a no-go for me. I find LCD extremely tiresome and I already spend several hours in front of one, so I need to get an e-ink device.

The thread you linked to has some very useful information, especially if it comes to choosing between Onyx M92 and Pocketbook 912, but it doesn't answer my main question: Is it possible to do this kind of reading/work using a 6 inch reader?
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