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Hi CBebop,

Thanks for your answer. My server is a windows 2008 R2. I think the instructions are for *nix?


Originally Posted by CBebop View Post
Give this a try, it will "Mount" the directory you want inside your webroot and it works for things like vsftpd which also doesn't follow symlinks.

mount --bind /dir/where/files/are /webroot/directory
And to make it persist on reboots if it works for you, you can add something like this to your FSTAB:

/dir/where/files/are /webroot/directory none rw,bind 0 0
Side Note: Been using it on my VPS in conjunction with dropbox to feed books to my 3G enabled Kindle. Works pretty darn well, though there are some silly issues with the Kindle browsers being funky sometimes. Nothing that really bothers me though. I ended up getting annoyed with lighttpd and just setup nginx and it works like a charm.
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