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Coping / synching Plucker config between 2 PCs

I'm using Plucker on my Palm m500 and synch it both at work as well as at home on my private PC. Whenever I add/change/delete a channel or any other settings I have to remember exactly what I've done to make sure I do the same on the other PC - otherwise I will end up with random results depending on which PC I did the synch.

Is there any easy and safe way to make sure I have always the same config on both PC's? I tried to copy plucker.ini - that's obviously not enough. I'll try to copy plucker.ini and the whole "channel" directory. Don't know whether this will work - but it's ugly since I would then copy all contents as well, not just the config.

I would prefer if Plucker would hold the config on the PDA and synch it with the PC prior to any channel update - that would solve the problem in an elegant way. But I've not found such a feature yet.

Any ideas?
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