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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Try making it always boot to fastboot mode (unless you use MfgTool to boot something else), but selecting "Install Fastboot Bundle" in the diags menu.
Seems silly but I don't see that option in Diags. The only way I can even get it into Diags is with MfgTool. I tried the "Home" button and rebooting option to get it to Fastboot but it just boots to Demo as normal.

If I get it to recognize at all as an HID in DevMan it is with the down arrow and reboot like I have found in one of your other posts.

On a side note, after I select kindle Diags and hit start the 2 items in HID turn into just one with a yellow exclamation point over the USB HID. That stays there until I reboot it out of Diags. Then it disappears and shows as a Generic Storege again. Sorry for the noobness of the questions.

EDIT: I just found the install Fastboot, I will try and then update you with results.

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