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@865, testing restricted replace_metadata

Currently just tested with ffnet
FFDL Version now shows up properly in titlepage and logpage

replace_metadata is beautiful (after some trial and error figuring out how to configure things). Thank you so much. Once I actually put all the various tags in, this will save so much time and reduce data entry errors from manual substitution.

For anyone who might want some examples, here’s an illustrative configuration. Obviously add categories as desired. EDIT: for some reason, when posted, there are random spaces inserted here and there in the spoilered block. They don't appear in the edit window, so I don't know how to get rid of them, so if you use the code, proofread it.

extra_valid_entries:reviews,favs,follows,editedcha rs,editedfand,
editedchars_label:Characters by fandom



characters=>Rachel B\.=>Rachel Berry
characters=>Quinn F\.=>Quinn Fabray
characters=>(Rachel Berry|Quinn Fabray)=>ch Glee: \1
#prepend character and fandom designations for alphabetical tag sort in Generate Catalog’s Calibre catalog
editedchars=>(ch Glee: )=>Glee.
##alter prepend for inclusion in heirarchical Characters column
category=>^(.+)$=>fand: \1
##prepend fand: to fandom tags for inclusion in Tags column for alphabetical tag sort
editedfand=>(fand: )=>
##remove prepend for listing in Fandom column, titlepage and logpage

logpage_entries: dateCreated,datePublished,dateUpdated,numChapters, numWords,status,title,author,editedchars,ships,ser ies,description,editedfand,category,rating,warning s,version,reviews,favs,follows
titlepage_entries: series,editedfand,category,language,editedchars,sh ips,status,datePublished,dateUpdated,dateCreated,r ating,warnings,numChapters,numWords,site,reviews,f avs,follows,description,extratags,storyId,authorId ,version

I’ll get back to you on test results with AO3 when I’ve got them, but I don't expect big differences.

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