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Question Another fence sitter (non-Kindle)


I've been lurking for a while, trying to track conversations, and re-educate myself about the ebook reader space. I think I'm about ready to commit to one of the solutions, but I'd like to ask some questions based off my reading of the comparison matrix and notes here in the forum. I know I'm missing some thing to tip me one way or another.
  • I'm mainly interested in a 'read-only' device. (I don't need the Julienne fries or puree function)
  • I'm not interested in the Kindle from an aesthetics perspective nor feature-set.
  • I'm interested in having the freedom/ability to change fonts (monspace, sizes, kerning, etc.)
  • My main use would be for reading novels/short stories, contemporary genre fiction with some technical reading (usually not .pdf)
  • Dual life: Mac at home, Wintel at Work. Support and tools for both available? (CLI fine if it achieves the same result)
  • Text types: .txt, .html, .rtf, few .pdf (text only, not graphical)
  • Don't care one bit about music or running other applications.

  • How do the current sizes compare to a mass-market paperback in terms of text display (for 5/6" units)
  • Best support from a device-shifting perspective (new unit, newer desktop/laptop for reader, etc. )
  • Are the covers really a good idea, and where do people get them (who has a good selection of cover types)
  • Is there a major difference between 4 and 8 grey scales?
  • Confirmation: you can't get the Kindle version etext without a Kindle PID right? even if reader can read Mobi-format
  • Largest selection outside of amazon for genre fiction and technical publications (where to BUY)
  • Does anyone have a video or picture of Side by Side 505 & Cybook Gen 3 (seem to be front runners)
  • Support Pro/Cons for devices, Other Pro/Cons might be a deal breaker I'm not thinking of.
  • Best place to buy unit for U.S. mainland, and is it cost effective to bundle it or not

After all that, is there something major I'm missing?

This is a really great forum, it's kept me coming back enough that I'm actually planning on taking the dive this time.
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