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CTRL chars...(yup my mistake)

Thanks for the correction, indeed it is : \r\n as you said ..

head -1 origin.txt | od -c
0000000 T h e O r i g i n o f S p
0000020 e c i e s b y m e a n s o
0000040 f N a t u r a l S e l e c t
0000060 i o n ; \r \n

Additionally, changing the 'printf("\n\n") to print("\t\n") saves newlines, (I checked a real book :-) ) and makes it look more real...

I wonder if 'CTRL-L' (I think?) New page would work well for chapters.....(it doesn't :-( just tried it...)

Are there already some decent TXT->PRC commandline tools out there ? I know there is one for Windows, but just wondered about cross-platform...Anybody know ?


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