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Sorry, I’m not generally going to have as quick a response time as you do. It’s nice, but it’s not something I can manage all the time myself.
Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
Many thanks for taking the time to do this detailed testing. It really helps me out a lot.
You’re welcome. Of course it also helps other users and me too, so hey.

Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
include_in_genre:genre, themes
This part appears to be working as designed.
Right. I realised that was how it was supposed to work after the fact. There’s enough there that it can be worked out. It was really my mistake confusing ‘genre’, the metadata category, ’Genre’, the title page heading, and ‘Genre’ the custom column. While it can be explicitly specified in documentation, things then get unwieldly, so maybe it’s best left as is.

Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
This version fixes the 'Get Story URLs from Web Page' issue, and the problem when using custom_columns_settings to set a column with 'a' flag and the story doesn't have any of that particular metadata.

This also introduces a different way to deal with the problem of Mac users crashing calibre.
I’ve re-tested Battlefield. The error message, and failure to populate of the columns mentioned are both gone.
Re-tested Get URLs from Web Page, and it works properly too.

The menu hack works, as far as removing the menu items goes. It’s not perfect since it also disables shortcut keys for those items if they’ve been set prior. Either way, it’s not crashing yet, which I do indeed remember, so that’s all good.
The Calibre plugin folder is at ~/Library/Preferences/calibre/plugins where ‘~’ is the user’s home folder, which is generally (though not always) called their username, and located at Primary Hard Drive/Users/
Note that in OS X 10.7 and up, users’ Library folders (as distinct from the system Library folder) are hidden. One can get there in Finder by clicking Go > Go to Folder… in the menu bar and entering ~/Library/Preferences/calibre/plugins in the dialogue box. The default keyboard shortcut for Go to Folder is Command + Shift + G

Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
The banner is being treated as an explicit cover image, which is different than make_firstimage_cover. There's a very few sites (fimfic, ffnet and dramione) that have explicit cover images. The only ways to prevent it are never_make_cover: true or include_images: false.

I'm open to suggestions if this doesn't seem like the correct behavior.
That makes sense, but does that mean that there’s no way to call for the image to appear in the epub, but after the summary titlepage image (other than manually adding it afterwards)? As you note, one generally doesn’t want the ffnet thumbnail as the cover; but one might want to see it.

Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
FFDL started out as a separate project and still has CLI and web service versions that run off the same code base. When I made the plugin, I started it at 1.0.0 instead of matching the 4.4 version of the existing project. I'll think about how I might get that to show the plugin version instead. Thanks for pointing it out.
You’re welcome. One of these days I might check out the other versions just to see how they work.

Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
Check out the output_css ini parameter. Quite frankly, the default is text-align: justify just because I like that better.
Oh. I omitted that section from personal.ini because I wanted to preserve original formatting. Does the default override anyway? Aside from finding left justified easier to read (which I can specify with this, or Convert books), some stories with poetry, lyrics, etc… shouldn’t have the entire body in a given justification, which I don’t know how to retain using that parameter.

Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
This version improves the handling of include_in_* config so that include_in_* lines can now include each other.

It also adds the ability to restrict replace_metadata lines to only modify specific metadata by entry/key word.
Very cool! Thanks. I’ll try it out and get back to you.

You mentioned taking metadata requests: Could you add support for isolating what AO3 calls “Category” on the story page itself, and “Relationships, pairings, orientations” in the symbols key (F/F, Gen, F/M, Multi, Other, M/M) as its own metadata source? Currently, it’s lumped in with extra tags, but that means that I can end up with a field that says, for example: “Angst, Insanity, truly bad and wrong, F/M,” which is less useful for sorting purposes. There was a brief period where I could call it as “Category” some months ago, but now that pulls Fandom on AO3. I don’t want to a custom column set to “Text, with fixed set of permitted values”, because there are other classes of relationships I want to include from other sites without adding additional columns. If it’s not too greedy, I’d also like to request counts for kudos, comments, bookmarks, and hits on AO3.
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