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Thank you for the replies. This gives me a good start on the apps.

BWinmill: I downloaded flash a longtime ago, but it would not let me install it. Sorry, I can't remember the error message, but I figured it was because my Vox is not rooted. The download is still on the Vox.

Cdesja5: I never thought to check for Avast. I have set up Avast on my Dad's computer because it is so old and has so little ram and Avast works really great on it.

I may have missed it, but is there a thread on here (like a sticky) that would have the top basic apps for the Vox like the top good browsers, AV's, music and video players to start out with for us who are new to this. Like when computer message boards have threads about the top AV's of 2011, etc.?

Thank you again for the help, I now have some direction.
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