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Question Noob needs help picking some apps.

Hi, I have been using my Kobo Vox mostly for reading and would like to do more with my Vox. My Vox is not rooted. I am a noob when it comes to apps (my cell phone so old it doesn't even have apps ).

Yesterday I watched a couple of Youtube 30 min. video with the Youtube app and was impressed. A couple of small stutters, but nothing that took away from the viewing experience. I would like to watch video from TV networks websites, but the browser doesn't support flash. Is there a browser that does support flash and works well with the Vox?

Next, I was looking into VLC Player since I use it on my computer for all my video and music. All I could find was more of a VLC streaming app. I just want to view from a micro SD card. Is there a good app that works like VLC Player that works well with the Vox?

I then looked into AV's, because I read somewhere if you are going on-line you need to be protected. There were so many that I am at a loss for what will work with the Vox without slowing it down. Any recommendations?

And last, If I am using these I guess I should have a decent file manager. Any recommendations for a file manager app?

I have been looking on Google Play since that is the app on the Vox. Can you get apps from other locations too that work on the Vox?

I guess a lot of my problem is when choosing apps there is so many that it becomes over whelming. User reviews seem all over the place because one app is being used on many devices.

Thank you and any help is greatly appreciated.

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