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Thumbs up Failed: Kobo database version unsupported?

First, thank you so much for making Calibre available. My Kobo Touch would not be much use without it. There is one problem, though. I recently installed Kobo's new e-reader software, V 2.0.0. I had some trouble with it and had to do a factory reset on the Kobo. Since then every time I use Calibre with the Kobo plugged in to the computer (a Mac running 10.6.8) I get this message: 'calibre, version 0.8.70
WARNING: Failed: Kobo database version unsupported - See details

Your Kobo is running an updated firmware/database version. As calibre does not know about this updated firmware, database editing is disabled, to prevent corruption. You can still send books to your Kobo with calibre, but deleting books and managing collections is disabled. If you are willing to experiment and know how to reset your Kobo to Factory defaults, you can override this check by right clicking the device icon in calibre and selecting "Configure this device" and then the "Attempt to support newer firmware" option. Doing so may require you to perform a factory reset of your Kobo.'

This has continued through several updates of Calibre. Is it possible for you to fix this problem as far as Calibre is concerned? Thanks.
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