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Originally Posted by greenyouth View Post
Oopps! Some says it works well and some don't... so what's the best thing to do about it>
My feeling is that it boils down to a point made earlier in this thread: If you've got Stanza set up on your device such that all the page formatting is as you want it (apart from font size and brightness, which can still be adjusted), there doesn't seem any reason not to carry on using Stanza for now. That's what I'm doing.

It's just that you can't make any more sophisticated adjustments such as margin, line or paragraph spacing, which Stanza was so much better at than any of the existing offerings. You can find each adjustment or nice ergonomic feature (apart from pinch-or-spread to change font size) on one or another of the competing offerings, but so far I don't think anyone's found one that does them all. Certainly Shubook SE comes pretty close, though, although changing font size is clunky and you can't specify different fonts for day and night reading (and the day/night reading switcher doesn't work properly at the moment). i2Reader actually has more formatting adjustments than Stanza, but it's very frustrating to spend ages setting it up so that it renders things like, for example, italic exactly as you want it to, only to discover that it often doesn't do the rendering (i.e. italicized text isn't italicized) or when it does it positions it wrongly so that there's no gap either before or after an italicized word.
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