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Hey, Jimm. I'm getting a strange error, here. I've downloaded Hundreds of stories over the past week, but for these 4 stories (And only these 4), I get the error "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'"

Here are the story urls:

I thought at first that it possibly had something to do with the author's name? Perhaps the period character is the cause? But, I am able to download this story:

Which is by the same author as the first 4.

This is what I see when I try to download Mr.V's stories:

I will say that about a month ago, I was able to download Mr.V's stories without problems, so I'm wondering if perhaps a recent change to the site, or perhaps to the plugin, jostled something in the code. :P

If you could look into the problem, I'd be grateful.

(BTW, the changes you made for the bbcode/html description issue and the fimfiction covers issue have worked wonderfully. I've had no issues since.)
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