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Indeed you did, thank you so much. Please believe that we iPad users most definitely want it. If you have any statistics at all on how many of us DO use the iPad may that be your guide as to potential profitability. I run an iPad user's group in my workplace. Out of 100 desks in our company 50 use an iPad and twenty more will soon. We are a Macintosh shop, but from what I've heard this is not a-typical of the general population. Of those who currently use iPad thirty are using Calibre, with various complications with transferring books. Some have SMTP size restrictions at home and security restrictions at work so email is unreliable, many, like me, have problems transferring via iTunes since jailbreaking (a problem documented on Apple Discussions) and some are just afraid of the Content Server. I'm not afraid of the server but have developed an issue that requires I completely quit iBooks for some books to transfer. This issue affects about thirty percent of my titles and is new since I got a retina MBP with Mountain Lion. All this is to say I think you will be blown away by the interest in an iPad app. I'm not a developer so not intimately familiar with the rules around acceptance/rejection but I'm sure this could be determined beforehand, so you don't waste all that effort. Let me know if you'd like me to look into that for you.
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