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Spanish Dictionary fail

Previously to V3.4 I had to working dictionaries: (14MB) and (9MB) both work on K3w and K DX. I try those dictionaries on Kindle Touch SO V5.1.2 but they do not work, and also with the update to V3.4 my K3w also fail.
My first try was with the miniRAE-2246_r2 and I found the language flag was “English” while the book were “Spanish”, but Larousse is “Spanish” and also do not work. However if I highlight a word press space bar and call dictionary, Kindle find the word and the proper meaning in the selected primary dictionary.

Perhaps K3w will need something like jbpatch that allow TTS engine work regardless the book and dictionary languages?

I put on Calbire forum:

Dictionary / Calibre fail to change Language metadata
Last week I found Kindle Touch SO take care of the languages dictionary metadata flag, and today I update my K3w to V3.4, and found it is doing the same.
Some time ago I download a Spanish dictionary ( 14MB) and it use to work fine (on K3w and K DX), but with the V3.4 update It no longer does, I discover that the dictionary languages metadata is on English while the book is in Spanish, the trouble is that Calibre fail to rebuild the MOBI file in order to change the metadata, calibre said the file is to long.
What can I do?

Kovid Goyal

If you wish to change metadata ina file, simply change the metadata in
calibre and resend the file to your device. Or use the mobi2mobi command
line tool. If youwant to conver the dictionary, then you will need to
run calibre ona 64 bit linux or OS X machine, as it cannot convert
large documents on windows.

status invalid

** Changed in: calibre
Status: New => Invalid

The solution of resend to the device did not work
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