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Originally Posted by taming View Post
i don't have time to write something up from work (darn those pesky bosses) and I am working until 9 PM my time, but I will take a stab at it tomorrow. In the meantime, this is not top-secret , so chances are someone else will write it up.
You're working until 9pm? Ouch! Any info you can provide will be highly appreciated, as it will save me having to look up all this stuff and trawling through lots of forum posts to find the pertinent data.

Originally Posted by taming View Post
As I said, I don't have problems with a book purchased/downloaded from a real bookseller--this is true even when I do a format conversion, for example, a kindle book that magically becomes an ePUB on my device. There may be the rare instance when the publisher does something screwy or kobo screws up a particular book, but it's not a device issue--it is, again, a formatting issue. I routinely buy from BOB, Smashwords, Google, B&N, and Amazon without incident. I'll be interested to read what your experience is like.
I've added another bullet to do with ordering epubs from official retailers. This functionality makes the Kobo range even more popular to me! That means I can order a book on Amazon if it the Kobo store either doesn't have it or it is more expensive, and still use it (albeit sideloaded) on the Kobo! Love having this option!

Originally Posted by Mrs_Often View Post
It might also be an idea to download a DRM epub from the site. Preferably one that you have the Kepub of too, to compare the two.

For instance, I've noticed previously that book covers of kepubs show up perfectly full screen, no margins. And then when I download the DRM epub of the same kepub and put that on my device (either through ADE or via Calibre with DRM stripped), the same book with the same cover but in epub format suddenly has a cover showing margins (ie. not full screen).

I don't know if this is still the case in the current firmware (I did the above in 1.9.17), as now I change all my stylesheets to show the covers correctly without margins (which needs unpredictable code to work perfectly. Even regular code and/or with proper fixed sizes in for the cover image still gives margins.)
Mrs Often, fear not, I will be looking at covers in some detail just for you, and have added a point about ordering the same book in both DRM epub and kepub from the Kobo store. Can you suggest any (cheap) titles?

Originally Posted by davidfor View Post
The Kobo's handle the books on the SD card exactly the same as the main memory. When it detects a book there, it is added to the devices library. It can then be put onto a shelf.

This all works well up to removing the SD card. Then the device forgets about all the books on the card. It removes them from its library including the shelves. If you put the SD card back in, the books are all treated as new books and added to the library.

You won't need to jailbreak the Kobo to use shelves from calibre.
Thanks for more shelf info, davidfor, you're now my go-to SME for all things shelf-related!

I've modified the previous "colelctions" point on my list to address "shelves" instead, along with a mention of their behaviour with microSD cards. If the wording can be improved, please do let me know, as I have no idea how shelves will actually work on the device.
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