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Kindle Fire HD or Nook Tablet?

I've had a Nook Classic for three years and I still love it. I've built an extensive library from Barnes and Noble, and have never seen a major difference in the price of books. I've bought a few Amazon eBooks that weren't available through B&N, and I've either read those on my iPhone or on my laptop.

However, after having a 10.1 Galaxy tab for a few months (which I ended up selling to a friend because I discovered I was using it for reading, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and testing websites for work - it was just too bulky after awhile so I wanted to move to something slightly smaller. I've been using my Nook Classic for a few months, and decided to go with the Nook Tablet a few weeks ago until the Kindle Fire HD was released, so I've been investigating that.

I don't need a lot - of course, I would LOVE a lot, but price-wise, the NT or KF HD are my best choices.

What I'm looking for:

1. Good, backlit eReader that's got plenty of options for font size/color/spacing customization. I've apparently turned into my mother and have needed reading glasses lately, so the Nook Classic is getting more and more difficult to read, even with tons of light and my reading glasses. I am a very fast reader, so I usually read on the tiniest font with the smallest margins - I've had to change the font size on my Nook Classic to large for some of my books, and I feel like I'm turning the page every half-second.

2. Decent speed for web browsing. I work in online fundraising for a non-profit, and the Galaxy was great for testing sites in other browsers since our software is touchy. I would also love if Amazon had a Kindle app that allows remoting into other machines.

3. The ability to watch Netflix and use my Amazon Prime Video on Demand account. I love love love my Prime account for streaming video. I was in a B&N a few weeks ago, and tried to pull up Amazon on the browser and play one of my videos. It didn't work on the Color, but when I tried the Tablet, I had no problem signing into Amazon and playing any video I tried. Unless there's been an update lately that overrides this ability, that's a huge plus in my book.

4. Portability and durability - I travel a lot for work, and kept my tablet in my purse most of the time - it took a beating from me quite often and never scratched of chipped the screen. I'll get a cover, obviously, but I can still be pretty tough on my electronics.

The ability to quickly jump around the book - I did a Bible study this summer and loved having my tablet - much easier just to point to the chapter and verse than to ruffle pages class to get to the right page;

Cons on the Kindle for me: Pricier than the NT, seems to have extraneous content that annoys people. Sounds like it's been locked down harder to prevent sideloading of apps.

Cons on the Nook: storage space - I would have to install an N2A card eventually, I think.

Since the price has dropped, I'm wondering if we're about to see a new Nook release, and am wondering if I should hold off or that.

I feel like I'm leaning toward the NT, and I've had awesome luck with my Classic - it's been nothing but reliable. I don't like the size or feel of the Nook Touch (we got my mom one last Christmas, an I hated the screen size.

Pro about the Kindle Fire HD - Extra stuff with the prime memebersjp, a system optimized for Instant Video, the lending library. Also, now that they've teamed up with aidible, I can listen to my numerous audiobooks in an integrated format.

Pros about the Nook - I already have an extenisive B&N library. i can still .watch Amazon Prime through their browser. It can be turned into an actual tablet wit a card...library always seems to have more options for checking out ePiubs over Mobi.

I know I'm leaning towards the NT, but want to make sure I'm aware of all of he aspects l, incluiing out all aspects of the Fire.

The price on the Nook is great - even adding a card for Android isn't too bad..

I also want my son to be able to read on it - he's six and we are considering a NT or Kindle for Christmas for him because he's a voracious reader, just like his parents.

So I think the only thing now that would move me to the Kindle would be performance. If there's not a significant difference for streaming video, I'm really leaning towards the NC. Any thoughts, suggestions, things I'm missing?

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